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⁉ Movie Info:

Cast: PriyadarshanJadhav and Prajakta Hanmghar (couple), Avtar Gil (Anna-conniver), and Raza Murad

Director: Chandrakant Dudhgaonkar and Sameer Patil as the producer

?Storyline :

Dhingana is another Marathi movie that has been shown recently – December 8, 2017 to be exact. It is a film for the family on drama-comedy genres.

The setting is in a village where an upright and virtuous couple lived. They were treated with high regard by the village head and other villagers. For a time, they have been involved in reaching out to them especially to those who are financially challenged. The problem began when the villagers experienced a great monetary loss due their desire of uplifting their economic status. They invested on a scheme with a promise that it will double up their money. To their surprise, it never happened. The couple came into the rescue by mediating. They talked to the company owner persuading her to return the hard-earned money to the hapless people. All along, they thought that the owner was sincere in her words. The promise of repaying the villagers was a scheme too.

The owner made it appear that the couple took them all. All of a sudden, their good reputation was ruined. They found it hard regaining the villagers’ trust. They were doomed as their wrath can no longer be tamed. They were beaten, but, fortunately, they managed to escape. They started a new life in the city miles away from the village.

Review: Various loopholes can be observed. One can say that Marathi cinema is not successful this time. It can hardly be considered a film due to poor cinematography. They forgot to edit those parts that seemed irritable to the eyes. The camera was sideways at some point or should I say, it was not steady.Looking into the whole concept, it does not make sense. It may insult a logical viewer since thestory sequence and some details were arranged dreadfully.

It seems like it’s done in a rush.Ponder on these film-makers. The focus should be on entertaining the audience. There are also unnecessary scenes. Maybe the film is too short that they need to add something to prolong the story.

Despite theseveral loopholes presented, we cannot ignore the outstanding performances of the lead characters, PriyadarshanJadhav and PrajaktaHanamghar. It is something that we could expect from the two famous artists who already appeared on various films.

Viewers, you have the freedom to choose what movie to watch. It is your choice. But on my part, it is not highly recommended.

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